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New animated image Tae Kwon Do Classes Canceled this Week
As a precaution, we are canceling this week’s Tae Kwon Do classes. Our next Tae Kwon Do session will start on Tuesday, Dec. 7th instead of tomorrow. Students currently registered for the session will receive a credit on your community education account in compensation for the 2 days off this week. See you all next week!

New animated image Happy Thanksgiving!
From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


No Classes on 11/2
For returning students, there are no classes this evening, Tuesday, Nov. 2nd. School conferences will be taking place in the building. Classes will resume on Thursday, Nov. 4th. See you all then!

Kick ‘n Treats
A fun night of kicks, dodge ball, medicine ball drills, obstacle course, and treats! A few cool costumes too.

No Tae Kwon Do Classes – Thursday, Oct. 21
Just a reminder there are no Tae Kwon Do classes this Thursday, Oct. 21 due to MEA. Classes will resume on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Have a wonderful weekend!

Fall session begins!
The start of a new year of TKD! Let’s kick together!


Fall Tae Kwon Do Classes
Our fall Tae Kwon Do classes begins Tuesday, Sept. 7th! A few openings remains for both the youth beginner and youth advanced/adult sessions. Looking forward to see you all again soon!

Black Belt Test Prep Training
A fun night of board breaking, refining technique, and reviewing material in prep for black belt testing in the near future! The first of two sessions this summer.


Summer Break
We are officially on summer break. Fall session starts Tuesday, Sept. 7th. Have a wonderful summer!

Special Guests
Special guests and our great friends Masters Chris and Sue Redhead stopped by for a visit. Mr. Nixon Hallanger was quite thrilled to see his former instructors. It was fun to catch up with them!


Yellow Belt Promotion
Congrats to Mr. Kasseme Athams, Jr. on completing his yellow belt test tonight! He crushed his board on his very first attempt.


Happy Birthday
Happy belated-Birthday to our instructor, Master David Lee!


Color Belt Promotions
Great Job to all testing candidates this evening! New promotions from the youth beginner class: Ms. Andrea Pineda, Mr. Oliver Voth, and Mr. Joshua Nguyen. From the youth advanced & adult class: Mr. Nixon Hallanger, Ms. Kerry Crawford, Mr. Logan Kretz, Mr. Maxmilian Kahn, and Ms. Sarah Kahn. We are proud of you all!

Ms. Brie Heading to Miami University of Ohio
Always wonderful to see our students success beyond TKD. Class of 2021 Ms. Brielle Anderson recently graduated from Prior Lake High School and will be attending Miami University of Ohio this fall. Congrats Ms. Brielle, we are so proud of you! Wishing you all the best!

No Tae Kwon Do Classes on Thursday, June 10th
Classes will resume on Tuesday, June 15th. We will see you all then. Have a great weekend!

New Belt Promotions
Mr. Cullen Rivard and Mr. Zafir Ahmed each had an exceptional test this evening. Both completed their orange belt test. Congrats boys!

Mr. Mike Kretz had a solid performance on his test this evening and delivered on his combo break. Great Job Mr. Mike!!

A Visit from the Parents
A quick visit from Master An and Master Nam’s parents. They were excited to see students in action!

Orange Belt Promotions
Mr. Maximus Simmons, Mr. Liam Singleton, Mr. Marcos Schroder, and Ms. Hayden Schroder all performed very well and crushed their boards tonight. Great Job to All!!


New Addition to our Adult Class
A couple of wonderful students Mr. Nixon Hallanger and Mr. Ethan Sutton, both formerly of Nokomis Martial Arts, are reunited. Welcome Mr. Ethan to our youth advanced/adult class!

Photo of Mr. Nixon Hallanger and Mr. Ethan Sutton

A Milestone Birthday
Happy 40th Birthday to Master An!

Blue Belt Promotion
A new blue belt promotion! Mr. Devin Govaert successfully completed his test on Tuesday, April 6th. Way to go Mr. Devin!!

Spring Break
We are officially on Spring Break! No Tae Kwon Do classes for the next two weeks. Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 6th. Have a wonderful break!

New Color Promotions
A good evening of testing! Mr. Abrham Berhane, Mr. Mark Reyes-Diaz, Ms. Mikayela Althoff, Mr. Matthew Countryman, and Mr. Joshua Nguyen performed well and all earned their new belts. Great Job!!


Our youth advanced group performed well on their test this evening. We are proud to announce Ms. Kerry Crawford and Ms. Luna Hernandez-Tiongson have successfully completed their test. Congrats ladies!


A pattern here, a break there was all there was left. Mr. Andrew Reyes-Diaz and Mr. Ethan Sutton successfully completed their test and earned their new belts. Congrats Mr. Andrew and Mr. Ethan on your yellow belt promotion!

One step closer! Mr. Khiem Nguyen completed his test earning him a brown belt promotion. Great Job!

Black Belt Luncheon
Delicious Korean food, Black Belt stories, and lots of fun and giggles!

One step closer to Black Belt…
A near flawless test for four advanced students! Mr. Brian Waters, Mr. Mike Kretz, Mr. Michael Reitz, and Mr. Logan Kretz all had an exceptional test, solid memory, and displayed good technique. They’ve worked hard and it showed. Congrats! We are proud of you.


An Evening of Tae Kwon Do Class
A glimpse of our Tae Kwon Do class in action!

Kicking Contest Winners
Our top 12 youth beginner students with the most roundhouse kicks standing on one foot. Our top two kickers were Mr. Vincent Lynick with 161 kicks and Mr. Maximus Simmons with 115 kicks. All took home a paddle target. Congrats all!


Orange Belt Promotions
A strong performance by the white belts on Thursday, Jan. 28th! They executed well and crushed their boards. Congrats to Mr. Oliver Voth, Mr. Toby Schmitz, Ms. Madeline Singleton, and Mr. Vincent Lynick on earning your orange belts!


New belt promotions for the Kahn Siblings! Mr. Maxmilian and Ms. Sarah crushed their boards and performed well in their test on Tuesday, Jan. 26th. Great Job!!


A solid performance by Mr. Matthew Countryman on his orange belt test this past winter! Congrats Mr. Matthew on your promotion!


Back in Action!
Classes start Tuesday, Jan. 12th.


Kukkiwon Certificate
My early Christmas gift. Finally got around to framing my certificate for our home. Hope you are all doing well!


After 6 long months…
It’s GREAT to be back!


TKD Video Library
Finalizing our video library! Library content now includes all 8 Pal Gwe patterns, Kicking Combinations #1-12, Intermediate Kicking #1-10, Kicking Practice #1-10, Face Contacts #1-20, and Advanced One-Steps #1-6. More content next week.

Emails will go out to all students this week with link to playlist. Hope you are all doing well. We miss you all!

Training Videos
During this Stay-at-Home order, we want to bring our Tae Kwon Do training to you in your homes.

We are in the process of setting up a private YouTube video playlist for our students to access all of our curriculum ranging from patterns, kicking sets, one-steps, and many others.

The library is ever-growing so check back often for new content.

If you are interested in viewing our playlist, please PM us your email address and we will notify you when it is available.

Stay safe and we will see you soon!


Location Nicollet Middle School (Auxiliary Gym), 400 East 134th Street, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone (612) 202-8557 E-mail Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays: Youth (Beginner - Yellow Belts) - 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM; Youth Advanced (Green - Black Belts) & All Adult (All Levels) - 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM
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