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New animated image Banquet Prizes
Just a few of the many prizes you could take home at this Wednesday’s Holiday Dinner & Awards Banquet. A brand new kicking shield, focus pads, rebreakable board, foam nunchaku, shin/instep pads, TKD gloves, fidget spinner, and many more! Three days away…can’t wait!!


New animated image Upcoming Class Relocation Dates
A few upcoming class relocation dates that will move both the youth and adult Tae Kwon Do classes to Nicollet Middle School auxiliary gym. Those dates are as follows: Dec. 17, Jan. 23, Feb. 20, Mar. 19, Apr. 16, and May 28. Nicollet Middle School is right next door to Sky Oaks.

Sky Oaks is hosting a Bounce & Thrive event for the whole school every month.

New animated image 2019 School Award Nominees
Congrats to all of our 2019 nominees! Each of these selected exemplary students, instructors, and families excel in the areas they are being recognize with and are excellent examples to others. We are proud to announce the following nominees…

Courage Award Recipient:
Ms. Kasthuri Kamalanathan

Tae Kwon Do Family of the Year:
The Acord Family
The Anderson Family
The Carston Family
The Doan Family
The Kretz Family
The Reitz Family

Best Kicks:
Ms. Kerry Crawford
Mr. Andy Duong
Mr. Mike Kretz
Mr. Carter Morrison
Mr. Tyler Pham
Mr. David Truong

Tae Kwon Do Perseverance:
Mr. Jackson Albrecht
Ms. Brielle Anderson
Mr. Micah Kang
Ms. Maya Rajendralall
Ms. Kathleen Reitz
Ms. Katie Strom

Most Improved:
Mr. Brandon Acord
Ms. Jaina Adams
Ms. Mikaela Althoff
Mr. Logan Kretz
Mr. Ryan Perrine
Mr. Michael Reitz

Tae Kwon Do Spirit:
Ms. Rachel Countryman
Mr. Dylan Carston
Ms. Michele Gressman
Mr. Micah Kang
Mr. Jimmy Mai
Mr. Tyler Pham

Tae Kwon Do Role Model of the Year:
Ms. Gabby Angeles
Ms. Kerry Crawford
Ms. Katie Duong
Mr. Eric Nguyen
Mr. Mike Kretz
Mr. Brian Waters

Best Manner:
Mr. Jackson Albrecht
Ms. Luna Hernandez-Tiongson
Ms. Michele Gressman
Mr. Kingston Kim
Ms. Charley Miller
Ms. Sumaya Moalin

Instructor of the Year:
Mr. Rich Anderson
Mr. Jacob Jones
Mr. JJ Jones
Mr. Binh Nguyen
Mr. Eric Nguyen
Mr. David Truong

Competitor of the Year:
Mr. Liam Doan
Mr. Logan Kretz
Mr. Mike Kretz
Mr. Gabriel Le
Mr. Thomas Le

Happy Birthday Mr. Lee
Today Bruce would have been 79. My idol growing up and inspiration for martial arts. Happy Birthday Mr. Lee!

Bruce Lee Hollywood Star

Blue Belt Promotion
Ms. Maya Rajendralall performed well on her pattern to complete her test this evening! Congrats Ms. Maya on your blue belt promotion!


Holiday Dinner & Awards Banquet
Join us for our year-end celebration as we celebrate another amazing year with ISD 191 Community Education and various awards to be presented to students and instructors, as well as several nice prize giveaways! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, Dec. 11th at Old Country Buffet in Burnsville.NSTKD Awards 2019

No Classes on 10/31, 11/5 & 11/7
With the upcoming Halloween, Election Night, and school conferences, there will be no Tae Kwon Do classes on Oct. 31st, Nov. 5th and 7th. Classes will resume on Tuesday, Nov. 12th. Have a wonderful week and a fun and safe Halloween for those going trick or treating!

Kicks ‘n Treat
A fun night of kicks ‘n treats! Some fun costumes: Mr. Logan Kretz came dressed as Goku, Master Nam Nguyen as DJ Disco, Mr. Eric Nguyen as Naruto, and Mr. David Truong as Magnum PI.

New Blue Belt Promotion
Mr. Brandon Acord performed very well and completed his blue belt test this evening. Congrats Mr. Brandon on your new promotion!


Halloween Costume Night
Any student interested in wearing a costume in class on Tuesday, Oct. 29th feel free to do so. Some of our Black Belts just might. We will have Skittles bags for all students!

New Color Belt Promotions
Ms. Kerry Crawford, Mr. Liam Doan, Mr. Dylan Carston, and Mr. Logan Kretz performed very well this evening and successfully completed their test. Great Job!!


Proud Orange Belts
Ms. Katie Strom, Mr. Jackson Albrecht, Ms. Sumaya Moalin, and Ms. Charley Miller all performed very well on their test. Also, Ms. Mikayela Althoff crushed her board to complete her test. Congrats to all of you on a job well done!


MEA Break – No Classes on 10/17
No classes this Thursday, Oct. 17th. Classes will resume next Tuesday, Oct. 22nd. Have a wonderful week!

New Yellow Belt
Perseverance pays off! Ms. Jaina Adams didn’t give up and finally delivered crushing her board to complete her yellow belt test. Congrats Ms. Jaina on a job well done!

Photo of Ms. Jaina Adams

Premiere of “A Tae Kwon Do Story – Nguyen School of Tae Kwon Do”
Nguyen School of Tae Kwon Do has been offering classes since 1992 through ISD 191 Community Education in Burnsville. In this documentary, you will learn about our class, its origins, hear testimonials, and much more! Written, produced, and directed by our friend and videographer Grant Carston. Hope you enjoy the video!

Photo of Master Nam Nguyen and Grant Carston

A Comeback Story
For those who don’t know, on the evening of June 11, 2019 during the adult class, Ms. Kasthuri Kamalanathan suffered a brain aneurysm that ruptured. With the quick assistance of several black belts we were able to get her to the emergency room at Fairview Ridges in Burnsville. She was then flown to University of Minnesota Health Neurosurgery Clinic for surgery. Recently the doctor cleared her for normal activities and slowly recover. Tonight she returned to class and kicked with the rest of her classmates. Welcome back Ms. Kasthuri!

Photo of Ms. Kasthuri Kamalanathan

Tiger Tracks 5K
A beautiful morning for the Tiger Tracks 5K Run at the Minnesota Zoo! Great Job!!


Black Belt Celebration
Celebrating with delicious Korean food at Hoban’s and toasting to our new Black Belts!

Black Belt Promotion
Mr. Jacob Jones showed indomitable spirit and delivered this past Thursday evening crushing his boards on the combo break. He’s worked so hard this past year. Congrats Mr. Jacob on a well deserved promotion and welcome to our Black Belt Family!

Photo of Mr. Jacob Jones

Color Belt Promotions
Ms. Michele Gressman and Mr. Mike Kretz both smashed their boards this past Thursday evening to complete their test. Mr. Brian Waters performed very well on his purple trim test and he also crushed his boards. Congrats to all of you on your new rank promotions!

Photo of Ms. Michele Gressman and Mr. Mike Kretz

Orange Belt Promotion
Mr. JT did it! Daddy proud. We are all proud of you.

Photo of Mr. Joshua Nguyen

Best Wishes to Mr. Matthew Baer
Time sure flies! Class of 2019 Mr. Matthew Baer recently graduated from Prior Lake High School and is heading to University of Wisconsin-Madison this fall! Congrats Mr. Matthew and wishing you an exciting journey ahead!

Photo of Mr. Matthew Baer and Master Nam Nguyen

Governor’s Cup – Mr. Liam Doan
Mr. Liam Doan has been on a roll this year and recently took 2nd Place in Sparring at the Governor’s Cup this past Saturday! We are proud of you Mr. Liam and keep fighting hard. His next stop: U.S. National Tae Kwon Do Championship!

Governor’s Cup – The Kretz Family
Lots of hardware and an outstanding day for the Kretz father-son duo at the Governor’s Cup! Mr. Logan competing in his first tournament got 2nd Place in Forms, and 3rd Place in Breaking. Mr. Mike won 1st Place in Board Breaking, 2nd Place in Sparring, and 3rd Place in Forms. We are so proud of you guys. Congrats on a job well done!

Black Belt Promotion
Welcome two new Black Belts to our TKD Family! Tonight we are proud to announce a couple of new promotions… Mr. Richard Anderson has been promoted to 1st Dan and Mr. Simon M. Kang to 2nd Dan! Congrats gentlemen!

U.S. District Court Tae Kwon Do Demo
Master An’s work event celebrating multicultural week had us perform first to kick off the festivities!

Photo of Master An Nguyen, Master Nam Nguyen, Mr. Robb Miller, and Mr. Eric Nguyen

1st Dan Promotion
Welcome two new black belts to our Tae Kwon Do family! We are proud to announce Mr. Binh Nguyen and Ms. Brie Anderson have successfully completed their 1st Dan test this evening. Congrats to you both!

Photo of Mr. Binh Nguyen and Ms. Brielle Anderson

Black Belt Test Results
Over 3 hours of black belt testing this morning, all candidates performed well overall. A couple sets and a break or two left to finish but we are proud of you for your hard work, passion, and determination. It won’t be long now. We are proud to announce Mr. JJ Jones has earned his 3rd Dan. Congrats Sir and Great Job to everyone today!

Photo of all Black Belts from the March 16, 2019 Black Belt Test


Location Sky Oaks Elementary School, Gymnasium, 100 East 134th Street, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone (612) 202-8557 E-mail Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays: Youth (Beginner - Yellow Belts) - 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM; Youth (Green - Red Belts) - 6:50 PM - 7:35 PM; Adult (All Levels) - 7:40 PM - 8:45 PM
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