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new Spring Break
No classes on Mar. 26th & 28th. Classes will resume on Tuesday, Apr. 2nd. Have a wonderful week!

new Mr. Joshua
Kicking targets and class drills with one of his best friends. Thanks Tina for the strawberry icii!

new Color Belt Retest
Mr. Dylan Carston, Ms. Melvina Moeun, and Ms. Kathleen Reitz all plowed through their boards and completed their belt test this evening. Congrats to you all on a job well done!

Black Belt Test Results
Over 3 hours of black belt testing this morning, all candidates performed well overall. A couple sets and a break or two left to finish but we are proud of you for your hard work, passion, and determination. It won’t be long now. We are proud to announce Mr. JJ Jones has earned his 3rd Dan. Congrats Sir and Great Job to everyone today!


Black Belt Test
Ms. Brie Anderson, Mr. Rich Anderson, Mr. Jacob Jones, and Mr. Binh Nguyen are testing for 1st Dan, Mr. Simon Kang for 2nd Dan, and Mr. JJ Jones for 3rd Dan this Saturday, Mar. 16th. Best of luck to all of you!


Welcome Back Mr. Larry
Mr. Larry is currently finishing his degree as a Physician Assistant at Marquette University. Video of him doing his signature aerial 720 degree hook kick. He still got it!

Red Belt Promotion
Mr. Tom Duong performed very well and crushed his boards on Thursday evening. Congrats Mr. Tom on your red belt promotion!


new Yellow Belt Promotion
Mr. Brandon Acord, Mr. Liam Doan, and Mr. Logan Kretz performed well and successfully completed their yellow belt test on Thursday evening. Great Job!!


New Red Belt Promotion
Mr. Micah Kang completed his red belt test tonight. Congrats Mr. Micah!


Happy Orange Belts
Ms. Jaina Adams, Ms. Kerry Crawford, Mr. Nolan Ellendson, Mr. David Jaimes, and Mr. Brayden Kraft all performed very well on their orange belt test this evening. Way to go!


Minnesota State TKD Championships Results
Three medals for three students at the Minnesota State Tae Kwon Do Championships! Congrats boys!

  • Mr. Liam Doan (Bronze Medal – Sparring)
  • Mr. Gabriel Le (Gold Medal – Sparring)
  • Mr. Thomas Le (Gold Medal – Sparring)

Three Students Competing at Minnesota State TKD Championships
Mr. Liam Doan, Mr. Thomas Le, and Mr. Gabe Le will be competing at the Minnesota State Tae Kwon Do Championships this Saturday in Anoka! Good Luck boys, make us proud!

New Red Belts
Ms. Rachel Countryman and Mr. Andy Duong performed very well on their test this evening. Notable mention, Ms. Rachel completed her 21 Movement in 10.4 seconds. Way to go!!


No Classes on 2/28
Just a reminder there are no Tae Kwon Do classes this evening Thursday, Feb. 28th.

The second Tae Kwon Do make-up session is this Saturday, Mar. 2nd at Nicollet Middle School (400 E. 134th St., Burnsville) in the cafeteria. Park on the far right side of the building and enter through the side door.

Class schedule is as follows:

Youth Beginners: 9:00-9:45 AM
Youth Advanced: 9:50-10:35 AM
Adults (All Ranks): 10:40-11:45 AM

Hope to see you there!

Belt Promotion
These two men have excelled in class the past few months and tonight they executed a near perfect test! Great Job to Mr. Brian Waters and Mr. Mike Kretz on a job well done!

Family Fun Night Demo
A fun night at ISD 191 Community Education’s Family Fun Night! Lots of kids came through and a few kicks taught. Mr. JT broke his first board and he along with Mrs. Stacey helped hold targets as well.

Purple Belt Promotion
A near perfect test! Mr. Michael Reitz performed very well tonight and completed his purple belt test. Congrats Mr. Michael!

Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s from Mr. JT!


New Brown Belt
No giving up in Mr. Carter. Tonight he finally delivered a perfect leg over side kick smashing his board to complete his test. Way to go Mr. Carter! Proud of you.


Sumo Wrestling
A little sumo wrestling. They’re working hard!


Weather Alert – 2/7 Classes
Classes will still be held tonight. Total snow accumulations expected to be between 3 to 6 inches. The building will be open, sidewalks will be cleared but parking lot may not be plowed.

5th Dan Test Results
What a great way to start off the lunar new year with a new rank promotion! I earned my 5th Dan promotion today along with my friend and fellow black belt Master Ricardo. I gave it my all and left nothing in the tank. It was an honor to test under Grand Master Kevin Schutz.

5th Dan Testing
Final week of test prep. Good Luck to Master Nam and Master Ricardo!

Tae Kwon Do Classes Canceled on Thursday, Jan. 31st
Due to continued cold weather, all youth and adult Tae Kwon Do classes for this Thursday, Jan. 31st have been canceled. All ISD 191 Community Education activities and programs are canceled for the evening. This session will officially begin on Tuesday, Feb. 5th in the Sky Oaks gym.

Our Tae Kwon Do make-up classes for the 1/29 and 1/31 class cancellation is scheduled for 2/23 and 3/2 at Nicollet Middle School (400 E. 134th St., Burnsville) in the cafeteria. Nicollet Middle School is right next door to Sky Oaks Elementary. Park on the far right side of the building and enter through the side door.

Make-up class schedule is as follows:

Saturdays, Feb. 23rd & Mar. 2nd
Youth Beginners: 9:00 – 9:45 AM
Youth Advanced: 9:50 – 10:35 AM
Adults (All Ranks): 10:40 – 11:45 AM

Stay safe and warm!

1/29 Classes Canceled Due to Extreme Cold
All youth and adult Tae Kwon Do classes for this Tuesday, Jan. 29th have been canceled due to extreme cold. All ISD 191 Community Education activities and programs are canceled for the evening. We will reschedule a make-up class in the very near future. Stay safe and warm!

Northwoods Conquest Results
Fun day in Wisconsin at the Northwoods Conquest on January 26th! Six medals for our three students, all first time competitors. Mrs. Stacey and Mr. JT were also there for team support.

  • Ms. Rachel Countryman (Silver Medal – Forms, Bronze Medal – Sparring)
  • Mr. Liam Doan (Gold Medal – Sparring)
  • Mr. Tyler Pham (Silver Medal – Breaking, Bronze Medal – Sparring, Bronze Medal – Grappling)

First Lessons for JT
Like father, like son! Pretty cool to see JT begin his first formal TKD lesson.

New Red Belt Promotion
One belt away… Ms. Gabby Angeles performed nearly flawless on her red belt test this evening. Congrats Ms. Gabby!! We are proud of you.


Happy New Year!
Wishing you all a New Year of happiness, good health, and prosperity!



Location Sky Oaks Elementary School, Gymnasium, 100 East 134th Street, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone (612) 202-8557 E-mail Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays: Youth (Beginner - Yellow Belts) - 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM; Youth (Green - Red Belts) - 6:50 PM - 7:35 PM; Adult (All Levels) - 7:40 PM - 8:45 PM
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