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New animated image 12/1 Classes at Eagle Ridge Middle School Cafeteria
All classes this Thursday, December 1st will be held at Eagle Ridge Middle School (13955 Glendale Rd., Savage, MN 55378) in the cafeteria. All other classes are at Nicollet Middle School cafeteria.

New animated image Happy Thanksgiving!
From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


New Color Belt Promotions
Ms. Mahlet Tilahun, Ms. Amen Demise, Mr. Odin Kai Chang, Mr. Colin Speer, and Mr. Luke Conley all performed exceptionally well on their test and smashed their boards this evening. Great Job and Congrats on your new color belt promotions!


No Tae Kwon Do classes on 11/3
Just a reminder, there are no Tae Kwon Do classes this Thursday, November 3rd due to school conferences. Classes will resume on Tuesday, November 8th. Have a great weekend!

Diamond Nationals World Karate Championships
Many moons since our return to the Diamond Nationals World Karate Championships this past Saturday, Oct. 22nd! Fun day watching some high-level competition and catching up with old friends.


Hiking and Side Kick
Stick a side kick over the Mississippi River. A beautiful day hiking and exploring the Frontenac State Park!


No Tae Kwon Do classes on 10/20
Just a reminder, there are no Tae Kwon Do classes this Thursday, October 20th due to MEA. Classes will resume on Tuesday, October 25th. Have a great weekend!

Artwork from Ms. Lilly Thompson
Learning about the Korean flag in class recently, Ms. Lilly Thompson sketched out the flag via scratch paper art. Great Job Ms. Lilly! It is now hung in my office.

9/27 Tuesday Tae Kwon Do Class at Sky Oaks Gym
There is a school function at Nicollet this Tuesday, Sept. 27th after school until 8 pm. All Tae Kwon Do classes for Tuesday night will be held at Sky Oaks Elementary School (100 E. 134th St., Burnsville) in the gymnasium at the regular times. Sky Oaks is next door to Nicollet. We apologize for any inconvenience. See you all then!

The Hall Brothers
Many moons ago we taught these boys when they were kids. Now one is 18 and the other is 20, and towering over us. 🙂 Welcome back Mr. Parker & Mr. Peyton!


Classes in Nicollet Cafeteria
Classes moving forward will meet in the Nicollet cafeteria and we will utilize 408B auxiliary gym as a secondary space. A few overhead fans and spacious room make it ideal for training. See you soon!


New animated image Classes in Main Gym this Week
Welcome back! We will be in the big main gym at Nicollet for this week’s classes. Starting next week, classes will meet in 408B auxiliary gym and then class will be divided between the auxiliary gym and the cafeteria. See you all soon!


New animated image Fall Session I
Our fall session begins on Tuesday, September 6th! A few remaining spots are open. Register here.

Tae Kwon Do Demonstration – Celebration of Diversity
Celebrating diversity with local artists and speakers, Mr. Robb, Master An, Mr. Joshua, and Master Nam performed a Tae Kwon Do demonstration for the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services!


Mid-Summer Workout
A fun mid-summer workout with a few of our adult students!




Happy 4th!
From our family to yours, we wish a Happy and Safe 4th!


Summer Break
We are officially on Summer Break! Thanks to you all for making this one of our best years. Since Master Lee started the school back in 1992, it’s now 30 years since we have been teaching Tae Kwon Do through ISD 191 Community Education. Time really flies!

Fall classes start back up after Labor Day, Tuesday, Sept. 6th! If you would like to pre-register, feel free to do so at:…/subcategory_id/26

Wishing you and your family a fun and safe summer! Looking forward to seeing you in the fall.

6/16 Orange Belt Promotions
Congrats to Ms. Bryanna Nordsving, Mr. Thang Le, and Mrs. Annie Kessler on an overall solid performance and a display of good TKD spirit!


Tae Kwon Do Demonstration – City of Minneapolis Immigrant Heritage Month
In recognition of Immigrant Heritage Month, World Refugee Day and Caribbean Heritage Month, my brother An, my son Joshua, and I performed Tae Kwon Do at the June 15, 2022 festivities held at the City of Minneapolis. A fun and wonderful event!

Orange Belt Promotions
Look at those big smiles!
Congrats to Mr. Adam Abdul-Kadir, Ms. Ruth Waters, Ms. Nora Cody, Mr. Mason Gonzalez Lawellin, Mr. Iñaki Blanco Saenz, and Mr. Vincent Daddario on a job well done on their belt test on Thursday evening! We are proud of you.


Custom School Apparel
Mr. Logan looking sharp with his new custom school sweatshirt!
Create your own at:

New Green Belt Promotion
Congrats to Mr. Kasseme Athams, Jr. on his test performance on Tuesday evening!


Tae Kwon Do Demonstration – Minneapolis Asian Pacific Employees (MAPE) Potluck
This past Tuesday the Minneapolis Asian Pacific Employees (MAPE) resource group hosted its first annual potluck in light of Asian Heritage Month for all City of Minneapolis employees. Mr. Eric and Master Nam got an opportunity to talk Tae Kwon Do and do a little demonstration at a fun event!

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New 1st Dan Black Belt Promotions
In a typical year, about 100 students enroll in our Tae Kwon Do program. Of those 100, 90 of those students earn orange belts. Of those 90, maybe 25 will get to blue belt. Of those few remaining, only 1 or 2 students will achieve the rank of Black Belt. Earning a Black Belt requires hard work and dedication. Today was extra special for all of us. A fun-filled educational morning of training and retesting from Master Lee! We are very excited to announce that Ms. Gabby Angeles, Ms. Rachel Countryman, Mr. Michael Reitz, Mr. Mike Kretz, and Mr. Brian Waters have all earned their 1st Dan. They have all dedicated time and worked very hard the last several years to get to where they are today. Welcome to our Black Belt Family! Congrats to all of you!!

Black Belts 2022

Color Belt Retest
Great Job to Mr. Toby Schmitz, Mr. Joshua Nguyen, Mr. Luke Conley, Mr. Zafir Ahmed, and Mr. Colin Speer on completing their test this past week! We are proud of you.



New Color Belt Promotions
Mr. Matthew Countryman and Mr. Cullen Rivard both performed exceptional on their test on Thursday evening. Congrats boys on a job well done!


Happy Birthday Master An!
We have the coolest brother! Today is his birthday – April 21st. Happy Birthday Master An!

Online Store
Our new online store is up! Purchase your own custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, accessories, and many more with our school logo. Check it out!


1st Dan Black Belt Test
A fun day of black belt testing! Mountains of boards lay broken, smashed bricks and rubble everywhere. For the first time in a black belt test, no one missed a break. Mr. Mike, Ms. Rachel, Mr. Brian, Ms. Gabby, and Mr. Michael all performed exceptionally well on their test. A few things to spot check for next time, but we will get it done soon. Great Job to All!!

Good Luck!
The time has come! Ms. Gabby Angeles, Ms. Rachel Countryman, Mr. Mike Kretz, Mr. Michael Reitz, and Mr. Brian Waters will be testing for 1st Dan this Saturday, April 2nd. We are proud of your hard work and dedication, and looking forward to having you join our Black Belt Family. Best of luck to all of you!

New Class Times for Youth Beginner Session
Beginning Tuesday, April 5th, the class time for the Youth Beginner session will increase an additional 10 minutes. The new class hours will be 6:00 p.m. to 6:55 p.m.

Spring Break
We are officially on spring break! No classes on March 29th and 31st. Spring Session I begins on Tuesday, April 5th. Have a wonderful week!

Welcome to New Adult Beginners!
Ms. Elizabeth Genis, Ms. Karen Chang, Mr. Peter Genis, and Mr. Henry Page have recently joined our dojang.


Two weeks away!
Two weeks away! Final prep/review for black belt testing.


Reach for the sky!
Mr. Jim Mai showcasing his jumping double front kick!


Look at those big smiles!
Mr. Oliver Strain and Mr. Isaiah Hutton shined bright on their test this evening. Great Job boys!!


New Orange Belt Promotion
Ms. Ayzel Elizabeth Joseph performed well on her belt test and crushed her board on Thursday evening. Great Job Ms. Ayzel on your orange belt promotion!


Masking Update
Beginning on March 7, 2022, masking is strongly recommended but no longer required for students, instructors, and parents attending our Tae Kwon Do classes, testing, etc.

3/3 Color Belt Retest
A pattern and a couple sets were the remaining items from this past Tuesday’s test that kept these two from going home with new belts. On Thursday evening, they crushed it! Congrats to Ms. Kerry Crawford on her brown belt promotion and Mr. Nixon Hallanger on his red belt promotion!


3/1 Color Belt Promotions
After a tough test, a handful of students shined and successfully completed their test on Tuesday evening. Great Job to Mr. Emil Kramme, Mr. Ethan Sutton, and Mr. Logan Kretz on your new belt promotion!


Black Belt Class/Test Prep, Part 2
A fun morning of sweat, kicking, board breaking practice, and technique review!


No Tae Kwon Do Classes on Thursday, Feb. 24
Just a reminder there are no Tae Kwon Do classes on Thursday, Feb. 24. A new winter session begins on Tuesday, Mar. 1. Please register for class if you haven’t already. See you all then!

Color Belt Test Rescheduled
With the weather and road conditions, I have decided to postpone and reschedule tonight’s color belt test to next Tuesday, March 1 at 7:30 pm. Classes will still go on at the regular times as usual this evening. We will continue to use class time to review material in prep for the test. No Tae Kwon Do classes this Thursday. Safe travels if you plan to go out this evening. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

New Orange Belts!
Happy smiles! A good overall performance by the white belts on Thursday evening. Congrats to Ms. Sylvia Luoto, Ms. Abigail Rocca, Mr. Boden Rocca, and Mr. Caiden Schroll on earning your new belts!


A few new faces! Ms. Julie Fossum (formerly of Kor-Am Tae Kwon Do), Master Mike Mickelson (formerly of Minnesota Family Tae Kwon Do), and Master Carlos Rivera Troyo (formerly of Nokomis Martial Arts) have recently joined our dojang. Welcome to all of you!


Black Belt Lunch
Delicious Vietnamese food and catching up on the latest with our black belt instructors! If you all love Vietnamese egg rolls, give I Wok a visit. They have the biggest egg rolls! And they are good too.

Black Belt Class/Test Prep
A fun sweaty morning of Black Belt testing prep this past Saturday, Feb. 5!



No Classes on 2/1
Just a reminder, no classes this Tuesday, February 1. Winter Session II begins on Thursday, February 3. See you all then!

Orange Belt Promotions
Mr. Jayden Mai and Mr. Odin Kai Chang tested on Thursday evening and performed very well. Both crushed their board and earned their new orange belt rank. Great job boys!!


1/18 Classes at Sky Oaks Gym
All Tae Kwon Do classes on Tuesday, January 18 will be held at Sky Oaks Elementary School (100 East 134th St., Burnsville) in the gym. See you all on Tuesday, have a great weekend!

Winter Break
We are officially on winter break! Classes resume on Tuesday, January 4. Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season! See you in the new year.

New Yellow Belt Promotion
Second time is the charm! Mr. Zafir Ahmed crushed his board to complete his test. Congrats Mr. Zafir!


Happy Holidays!
From our family to yours, wishing you peace & joy this holiday season!

New Color Belt Promotions
Mr. Colin Speer, Mr. Luke Conley, Mr. Cullen Rivard, and Mr. Matthew Countryman performed well and crushed their boards tonight. Great Job to all!!


12/16 Tae Kwon Do Class & Belt Test moved to Sky Oaks gym
All Tae Kwon Do classes on Thursday, December 16 will be held at Sky Oaks Elementary School (100 East 134th St., Burnsville) in the gym. Sky Oaks is right next door to Nicollet Middle School.

Students scheduled to test on Thursday will be testing in the same gym at 6:00 p.m. Those testing candidates include Mr. Zafir Ahmed, Mr. Luke Conley, Mr. Matthew Countryman, Mr. Cullen Rivard, and Mr. Colin Speer.

Please make sure to wear your mask and have a water bottle.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Tae Kwon Do Classes Canceled this Week
As a precaution, we are canceling this week’s Tae Kwon Do classes. Our next Tae Kwon Do session will start on Tuesday, Dec. 7 instead of tomorrow. Students currently registered for the session will receive a credit on your community education account in compensation for the 2 days off this week. See you all next week!

Happy Thanksgiving!
From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


No Classes on 11/2
For returning students, there are no classes this evening, Tuesday, Nov. 2. School conferences will be taking place in the building. Classes will resume on Thursday, Nov. 4. See you all then!

Kick ‘n Treats
A fun night of kicks, dodge ball, medicine ball drills, obstacle course, and treats! A few cool costumes too.

No Tae Kwon Do Classes – Thursday, Oct. 21
Just a reminder there are no Tae Kwon Do classes this Thursday, Oct. 21 due to MEA. Classes will resume on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Have a wonderful weekend!

Fall session begins!
The start of a new year of TKD! Let’s kick together!


Fall Tae Kwon Do Classes
Our fall Tae Kwon Do classes begins Tuesday, Sept. 7! A few openings remains for both the youth beginner and youth advanced/adult sessions. Looking forward to see you all again soon!

Black Belt Test Prep Training
A fun night of board breaking, refining technique, and reviewing material in prep for black belt testing in the near future! The first of two sessions this summer.


Summer Break
We are officially on summer break. Fall session starts Tuesday, Sept. 7. Have a wonderful summer!

Special Guests
Special guests and our great friends Masters Chris and Sue Redhead stopped by for a visit. Mr. Nixon Hallanger was quite thrilled to see his former instructors. It was fun to catch up with them!


Yellow Belt Promotion
Congrats to Mr. Kasseme Athams, Jr. on completing his yellow belt test tonight! He crushed his board on his very first attempt.


Happy Birthday
Happy belated-Birthday to our instructor, Master David Lee!


Color Belt Promotions
Great Job to all testing candidates this evening! New promotions from the youth beginner class: Ms. Andrea Pineda, Mr. Oliver Voth, and Mr. Joshua Nguyen. From the youth advanced & adult class: Mr. Nixon Hallanger, Ms. Kerry Crawford, Mr. Logan Kretz, Mr. Maxmilian Kahn, and Ms. Sarah Kahn. We are proud of you all!

Ms. Brie Heading to Miami University of Ohio
Always wonderful to see our students success beyond TKD. Class of 2021 Ms. Brielle Anderson recently graduated from Prior Lake High School and will be attending Miami University of Ohio this fall. Congrats Ms. Brielle, we are so proud of you! Wishing you all the best!

No Tae Kwon Do Classes on Thursday, June 10th
Classes will resume on Tuesday, June 15th. We will see you all then. Have a great weekend!

New Belt Promotions
Mr. Cullen Rivard and Mr. Zafir Ahmed each had an exceptional test this evening. Both completed their orange belt test. Congrats boys!

Mr. Mike Kretz had a solid performance on his test this evening and delivered on his combo break. Great Job Mr. Mike!!

A Visit from the Parents
A quick visit from Master An and Master Nam’s parents. They were excited to see students in action!

Orange Belt Promotions
Mr. Maximus Simmons, Mr. Liam Singleton, Mr. Marcos Schroder, and Ms. Hayden Schroder all performed very well and crushed their boards tonight. Great Job to All!!


New Addition to our Adult Class
A couple of wonderful students Mr. Nixon Hallanger and Mr. Ethan Sutton, both formerly of Nokomis Martial Arts, are reunited. Welcome Mr. Ethan to our youth advanced/adult class!

Photo of Mr. Nixon Hallanger and Mr. Ethan Sutton

A Milestone Birthday
Happy 40th Birthday to Master An!

New Color Promotions
A good evening of testing! Mr. Abrham Berhane, Mr. Mark Reyes-Diaz, Ms. Mikayela Althoff, Mr. Matthew Countryman, and Mr. Joshua Nguyen performed well and all earned their new belts. Great Job!!


Our youth advanced group performed well on their test this evening. We are proud to announce Ms. Kerry Crawford and Ms. Luna Hernandez-Tiongson have successfully completed their test. Congrats ladies!


A pattern here, a break there was all there was left. Mr. Andrew Reyes-Diaz and Mr. Ethan Sutton successfully completed their test and earned their new belts. Congrats Mr. Andrew and Mr. Ethan on your yellow belt promotion!

One step closer! Mr. Khiem Nguyen completed his test earning him a brown belt promotion. Great Job!

Black Belt Luncheon
Delicious Korean food, Black Belt stories, and lots of fun and giggles!

One step closer to Black Belt…
A near flawless test for four advanced students! Mr. Brian Waters, Mr. Mike Kretz, Mr. Michael Reitz, and Mr. Logan Kretz all had an exceptional test, solid memory, and displayed good technique. They’ve worked hard and it showed. Congrats! We are proud of you.


An Evening of Tae Kwon Do Class
A glimpse of our Tae Kwon Do class in action!

Kicking Contest Winners
Our top 12 youth beginner students with the most roundhouse kicks standing on one foot. Our top two kickers were Mr. Vincent Lynick with 161 kicks and Mr. Maximus Simmons with 115 kicks. All took home a paddle target. Congrats all!


Orange Belt Promotions
A strong performance by the white belts on Thursday, Jan. 28th! They executed well and crushed their boards. Congrats to Mr. Oliver Voth, Mr. Toby Schmitz, Ms. Madeline Singleton, and Mr. Vincent Lynick on earning your orange belts!


New belt promotions for the Kahn Siblings! Mr. Maxmilian and Ms. Sarah crushed their boards and performed well in their test on Tuesday, Jan. 26th. Great Job!!


A solid performance by Mr. Matthew Countryman on his orange belt test this past winter! Congrats Mr. Matthew on your promotion!


Back in Action!
Classes start Tuesday, Jan. 12th.


Kukkiwon Certificate
My early Christmas gift. Finally got around to framing my certificate for our home. Hope you are all doing well!


After 6 long months…
It’s GREAT to be back!


TKD Video Library
Finalizing our video library! Library content now includes all 8 Pal Gwe patterns, Kicking Combinations #1-12, Intermediate Kicking #1-10, Kicking Practice #1-10, Face Contacts #1-20, and Advanced One-Steps #1-6. More content next week.

Emails will go out to all students this week with link to playlist. Hope you are all doing well. We miss you all!

Training Videos
During this Stay-at-Home order, we want to bring our Tae Kwon Do training to you in your homes.

We are in the process of setting up a private YouTube video playlist for our students to access all of our curriculum ranging from patterns, kicking sets, one-steps, and many others.

The library is ever-growing so check back often for new content.

If you are interested in viewing our playlist, please PM us your email address and we will notify you when it is available.

Stay safe and we will see you soon!


Location Nicollet Middle School (Cafeteria), 400 East 134th Street, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone (612) 202-8557 E-mail Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays: Youth (Beginner - Yellow Belts) - 6:00 PM - 6:55 PM; Youth Advanced (Green - Black Belts) & All Adult (All Levels) - 7:15 PM - 8:30 PM
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