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Over the years I have fished for freshwater fish throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. For as long as I can remember my father introduced me to fishing when I was four years old with a Snoopy fishing pole. We fished for sunnies using worms and I still remember the anticipation and excitement I had when that sunfish tugged on my bobber... It would be a weekend thing and I always asked him when we would go out again. By the time I was 11 we had moved to a new house and about a mile away there was a small local lake. One day a friend of mine in elementary school had told me that a guy at the lake had a stringer of gigantic northerns! By this time my father had given up fishing for gardening. I remember riding my bike out to the lake and when I got there the guy had three really nice northerns on his stringer and he hooked another as I approached him. I immediately went home, grabbed my fishing pole with a 3" yellow Mister Twister Curly Tail Grub and got back out to the lake. Within a few casts I caught my first largemouth bass. Ever since then... Fishing has become my passion.

Enjoy the links, photos and all the great people I have met through fishing!

- Nam D. Nguyen

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Pike on the Prowl
The last couple weekends my cousin Binh and I have landed a number of nice pike early dawn. We found that a little mist with moderate wind is best for these toothy critters. Lures that are black in color, the bigger the better for bigger fish.
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Fall Bass on the Prowl
Fall is upon us and bass and pike are fattening up for the winter. We have had great success with topwater frogs early and chatterbaits later in the day. Here are a few highlights of our fall fishing: 2 largemouth over 20 inches, many 18-19" largemouth and lots of small northern pike. View photos


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