Personal Records

This album showcases my personal records of trophy fish I have caught over the years. Most of them have been released.

Date: June 26, 2010
Weight: 1 lb., 2 oz.
: Lake
Bait: Nightcrawler

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Date: June 21, 2011
Length: 50-1/4"
: Lower Manitou Lake

Lure: #5 Mepps Aglia (GLO White)

Just before dinner my brother and I decided to venture into a small bay and fish for northern pike on Lower Manitou Lake. I was casting a Mepps #5 Aglia over submerged cabbage bed when a big fish hit my spinner so hard the water boiled around it. I set the hook and connected. As the line moved left I could feel my heart pulse racing as I was anticipating what this fish might be. The fish swam and stayed deep for a good couple minutes. I thought to myself that the fish I was battling was too big to be a bass, and no chance it could be a walleye. Thinking ahead, I glanced over to see how big a net we had in the boat. I thought "Oh my gosh" we only have a small bass net! No way we could land this beast. After about a three minute battle and some big runs underneath that had me circling the boat the fish slowly came to boatside. It was a Big Musky!! An said "screw it with the net." He then got over to the side of the boat, reached over and with his arms cradled the monster into the boat. We laughed in joy and I was almost crying in tears. The fish measured 50 1/4 inches! We released the fish after a few quick photos. It was a memorable day!




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Date: June 4, 2011

Length: 27.5"
Location: McMahon Lake
Lure: Mister Twister 3" Curly Tail Grub (White)

My friend and I fished McMahon Lake for the first time early morning. We approached a patch of reeds and I made a cast with a 3" white curly tail grub towards the edge. About two cranks of the reel handle I had an instant hit and set the hook. The fish fought hard and stayed deep for about a minute. When the fish finally surfaced, I was very surprised and excited to see that it was a big walleye. The funny thing is my friend had one of those small hand held nets and I had no idea how he was going to get the fish into it. After a short battle, he put his net in the water and scooped the big fish with its tail dangling out of the net. We laughed. It was a great day!



Smallmouth Bass
Date: August 28, 2007

Length: 21"
: Moose Lake
Lure: Mister Twister 5" Curly Tail Grub (Pumpkin Pepper)

This fish was featured on Kent Hrbek Outdoors on Kare 11 and printed in Star Tribune "Fish Tale" Outdoor Section (Wednesday, May 7, 2008). The fish also earned me the Grand Prize Winner in the BoatU.S. Angler "Bass of the Month" Fishing Contest for the month of September 2007.

For in-depth story of this smallmouth tale, click here.


21" Inches


Largemouth Bass
Date: June 2, 2012
Length: 23"
: Spring Lake

Lure: 1/2 oz. Rat-L-Trap (Orange Crawdad)

My fishing partner and I fished for bass on a recent outing. We fished early morning and caught a few small ones. At about 8:45 we approached the mouth of a creek. I made a cast with a crawdad-colored Rat-L-Trap. Two spins of the reel handle and "BAM" the big bass slammed it! I set the hook and the bass leaped into the air! The fish peeled line burying itself in a bed of weeds. I was able to pull the fish out and my buddy landed it shortly thereafter. A quick photo and the fish was released. It was a terrific day on the water!


Honorable Mention:

Although not my personal best, I hooked into this girthy beast on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee upon arrival to camp in March 2017. I didn't get a measurement on her but guessing it was around 21".

Largemouth Bass
Date: March 25, 2017
Length: Approx. 21", 6-7 lbs.
: Kentucky Lake

Lure: 1/2 oz. D&M
Custom Piranha Swim Jig

Well that didn't take long... 6 lb. monster bass from Kentucky Lake this evening pre-fishing!!

Well that didn't take long... 6 lb. monster bass from Kentucky Lake this evening pre-fishing!!

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White Crappie
Date: May 11, 2002
Weight: 2 lbs., 10 oz.
Location: Prior Lake
Lure: Mister Twister 3" Sassy Shad (Black/White)

This photo was taken by Mike Kurvers of MK Fishing and printed in Burnsville Thisweek Newspaper.


2 lbs., 10 oz.


Practice Catch & Release.