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Lake Vermilion Muskies
Nam is headed back to Spring Bay Resort on Lake Vermilion along with his wife Stacey and their son Joshua for their annual family outing next summer. The musky bite has been hot on Vermilion as of the past year and lots of fish over the 50-inch mark being landed. Come back for a full report!

Speaking of muskies, check out this bad boy! At over 3 1/2 ounces and 12 inches long, this Baby Beaver is sure to turn heads underwater. Big muskies I am coming for you!


2017 Topwater Strikes (Long Version) Video
Earlier this year we released a short version of the 2017 Topwater Strikes. Here is the full compilation of topwater strikes with additional footage from big bass and pike. If you like excitement and heart stopping action, you will love this video. Enjoy!

Pike on the Prowl
The last couple weekends my cousin Binh and I have landed a number of nice pike early dawn. We found that a little mist with moderate wind is best for these toothy critters. Lures that are black in color, the bigger the better for bigger fish.


Fall Bass on the Prowl
Fall is upon us and bass and pike are fattening up for the winter. We have had great success with topwater frogs early and chatterbaits later in the day. Here are a few highlights of our fall fish: 2 largemouth over 20 inches, many 18-19" largemouth and lots of small northern pike.



Last Minute Outing
Last minute outing turned out to be the best outing of the year! My buddy Wayne and I got on some brutes this evening on frogs and buzzbaits.



Late Summer Bassin'
As summer is quickly approaching towards the end, we are finding bass still using shallow cover to ambush their prey. We are continuing to have success with topwater frogs and buzzbait early morning or late evening, and wacky worm and chatterbaits for much of the other periods of the day. And by early or late, I mean 5:00 a.m. on the lake early or after 9:00 p.m. The bite is best at first light and right at dusk.




Big Turtle Lake Smallies
Nam, Stacey, and their son Joshua visited Arcadia Lodge on Big Turtle Lake for the first time this year. The smallmouth fishing was fantastic! Fish were in post-spawn. Most were caught down 8-10 feet on cranks, tubes, and drop-shots. In the mornings, they were typically shallow and they would hammer topwaters like a Pop-R. Hard to beat a topwater bite! View full abum




2017 Fishing Season Kickoff
Our 2017 fishing season kicked off with the KBF National Championship at Kentucky Lake in Tennessee! Two bass over 20 inches landed there. A few nice crappies and some hefty bass caught so far. Follow us as we venture to new lakes/rivers in pursuit of big fish! View album




2017 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship
Well it's a wrap for the 2017 KBF National Championship and KBF Open. It was an honor to be part of this great group of Minnesota kayak anglers. I learned a lot, met new friends, caught some nice fish, and had a wonderful experience! Thanks to all my family, friends, and sponsors for all your support. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. View full album

Well that didn't take long... 6 lb. monster bass from Kentucky Lake this evening pre-fishing!!

Kentucky Lake Crappies


Minnesota guys here to represent! #kayakbassfishing #kbfnc

New Video Release - A Day in the Canoe with Nam
Join me for a day in the canoe of bass fishing! Fishing out of my 14' Mad River Adventure Canoe and shot over several days I take you with me on a typical bass outing.


Practice Catch & Release.