Bailey's Resort
Leech Lake
Walker, Minnesota

August 20-27, 2016

Stacey, Joshua, and I made our first fishing trip together to Bailey's Resort up on Leech Lake. We stayed in Kabekona Bay on the west end of Leech Lake in the beautiful Chippewa National Forest, just minutes from the lakeside town of Walker, Minnesota. Not only was the fishing good but it was a very family friendly resort with lots of amenities for kids to play and explore.

Weather was excellent for the most part. The first and second to last day was picture-perfect weatherwise with calm sunny skies. Wind was the biggest factor on where to fish but the west end of Kabekona Bay always seems to be easiest to fish. Lots of northerns were caught as well as largemouth. From the dock, perch, sunnies, and largemouth were caught. Our son Joshua loved the playground, dribbling the basketball, and going into the lodge. Stacey loved the paddle board and took it out every morning and paddled around the shoreline. We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary while we were there and went out to eat at Village Square Cafe in Walker. We visited town another day and I got to visit Reed's Sporting Goods and picked up a new fishing lure and a pair of winter gloves.

Our hosts Dana and Cindy took good care of us and made us feel at home. We really enjoyed our stay and looking forward to coming back!

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