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Bill "Superfoot" Wallace Training Seminar

On February 13, 2016, Master An Nguyen and Master Nam Nguyen had an opportunity to train with legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace at White Tiger Martial Arts in Brooklyn Center. It was an educational and amazing 3-hour training session with good stories, some singing, and big smiles!

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace is a living legend in the world of martial arts and professional kickboxing. A pioneer in the sport, he began his martial arts career as a Karate point-fighter. After an incredible career in point-fighting, Wallace made his Professional debut as a kickboxer in 1972. He quickly captured the World Middleweight Championship and retired as the undefeated champion after compiling a record of 23-0. With the urging of his friend Chuck Norris, Wallace has appeared in a number of motion pictures, mostly as the "heavy" in martial arts films. Wallace, a college graduate, continues to give exhibitions and trainings around the world.


Master An and Master Nam with legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Adult Training Session with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Working on kicking combination

Master Nam with Master Justin Kessler and Grand Master Kevin Schutz


Tae Kwon Do is a contact sport.